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Sibling rivalry no more

Update: Mary Arenas says she will run as a write-in candidate in the Democratic primary. 

In case you missed it in the paper this morning, here is the list of candidates who’ll be in the June 3 primaries in Linn County. You’ll notice that Mary Arenas, who announced she was running for supervisor in District 3, isn’t on the list. Apparently she missed the deadline in filing her nomination papers, and showed up this morning at the auditor’s office asking for an exception. Auditor Joel Miller says there is no recourse. She will have to run as an independent.


District 1:
– Cary J. Hahn, (D), 60, of 1600 A Ave. NW, Cedar Rapids
– Lu Barron, (D-i), 54, of 195 Braybrook St. SE, Cedar Rapids

District 2:
– Linda Langston, (D-i), 54, of 4257 Sunland Ct. SE, Cedar Rapids
– John H. Erceg, (R), 60, of 5212 Windmill Ct. SW, Cedar Rapids
– Bernita Rozinek, (D), 56, of rural Ely
– Dale Stanek, (R), 39, of Ely
– Kevin J. Lynch, (D), 53, of rural Mount Vernon

District 3:
– Benjamin Rogers, (D), 28, of 634 Ashton Pl. NE, Cedar Rapids
– Randy S. Oakley, (R), 56, of 7915 Marquette Dr. NE, Cedar Rapids
– Eric Rosenthal, (R), 48, of 3935 Nancy Jane Lane NE
– Jesse A. Arenas II, (R), 57, of 302 C Ave., Hiawatha

District 4:
– Richard Heeren, (D), 58, of Springville
– Mary Lundby, (R), 60, of 1240 14th St., Marion
– Don Gray, (D), 60, of Central City

District 5:
– Dave Machacek, (R), 64, of rural Alburnett
– Jim Houser, (D-i), 53, of 505 Rock Valley Dr. SW, Cedar Rapids
– Larry K. Wear, (D), 51, of rural Center Point
– Tom Watson, (R), age unavailable, of rural Palo


– Bill Elam, (D), 53, of 255 27th Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids
– Brian Gardner, (D), 46, of 4407 Wendy Lee Lane NW, Cedar Rapids
– David Zahn, (R), 44, of 7417 Idledale Rd. NE, Cedar Rapids


– Joel Miller, (D-i), 52, of 375 Phaeton Dr., Robins
– Lyle Hanson, (D), 55, of 2561 L Ave. NW, Cedar Rapids

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2 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    Sally. This is interesting information. If you want more of District 4 to see this, you should send this as a the Letter to the Editor at the Gazette prior to the primary vote on June 3rd.

  2. Chris says:

    John Erceg, what a great candidate. A candidate, who was born here and grew up here, enlisted in the Navy during the Vietnam era and rose to the rank of Lt. Commander. A person who was a safety officer and was in charge of the health and warfare of numerous sailors. Having real life leadership skills will be important in this race. The other candidates can not compare with this in District 2.

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