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Sibling rivalry on the campaign trail

Republican Jesse A. Arenas, II filed his nomination papers this afternoon for a run at county supervisor. He’s going to run in District 3. 

Funny thing is, so is his sister.

Mary Arenas, a Democrat, announced last week she is running for supervisor in District 3. If the two of them make it through the primary (both have opponents), they’d run against each other in the Nov. 4 election.

More on District 3 matchups — and Districts 4 and 5 — later.

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  1. R says:

    Ha! What a joke. I’m going to round up my siblings, too. We watch the news, we are very qualified! Wait, none of us has seven kids… How about that bio last week on Mary Arenas: divorced with seven kids. Perfect role model for girls in the area! It will be interesting to see how the elections turn out.

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