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Supervisor matchups 1 and 2

A week from Wednesday the filing deadline will pass and we’ll know who the candidates for Linn County supervisor are. Let’s look at the matchups we’ve got right now in the five districts. Here are the first two (will get to the other three in coming days). We’ll talk more about this as things move along. Primaries are June 3. The election is Nov. 4.

District 1: Lu Barron vs. Leon Dale?

A man named Leon Dale requested nomination papers from the Linn County Auditor’s Office, but I haven’t heard from him and neither has Joel Miller, as of Friday afternoon. He doesn’t show up in our archives, and a phone number listed with his name and a B Avenue NE address is disconnected. This leaves Barron alone in District 1, for now, where you’d have to think she’d be a pretty strong favorite, even with opponents. We’ll see what pans out, but Barron sailed to victory last time she was up for reelection in 2004, and her constituency under the new districts is downtown Cedar Rapids and other parts of the city.

District 2: Linda Langston or Bernita Rozinek vs. John Erceg

Rozinek and Langston are the Democrats and Erceg is the Republican. As with every race in Linn County government (all Linn County elected officials are Democrats), it seems prudent to give the edge to whichever Democrat makes it through the primary.

Langston is the current chair of the board, but Rozinek, of Ely, is well known in the county as well. She ran in 2004, and lost in the primary. She got 1,218 votes, or 19 percent (or fourth out of four). Current supervisors Jim Houser and Barron took the top two spots and Marion Council Member Mary Lou Pazour came in third that year. Rozinek has in the past aligned herself with Republicans like Dave Machacek, because she thinks rural interests are not represented on the board.

Erceg is a former health official who lives just off of Highway 30 east of the Kirkwood exit. He served in the Navy for much of his career, and says he’s pretty well known in District 2, which covers the southeast quarter of the county, including parts of southern Cedar Rapids.

A strong candidate out of Mount Vernon would make some sense, but none of the three in District 2 is from there. 

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  1. Steve Valley says:

    Langston and Barron have the Big Money Special Interests behind them. They both feel the public owes them these jobs. It will be interesting to see if the voters replace these two with fiscal conseratives. Erceg is a far more superior and knowlegable person that Langston is. Erceg also is know for his intergity. Don’t know anything about Dale

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