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It’s official

Linn County supervisors this morning reduced their salary by $17,524.49 effective Jan. 2.

This will bring their annual pay to $70,097.96, taking into account the 3.75 percent salary increase they approved that will be in effect for the last six months of 2008.

The Board gave themselves a pay cut by dropping their full-time status for when the expanded five-member board takes office Jan. 2.

According to Iowa Code, the Supervisors can accept or lower the Compensation Board’s recommendation. Any reduction in the recommendation must apply to every elected official.

“Since the public’s main concern was about raising the Board of Supervisor’s salary when the Board is expanding to five members next year, we worked with the county attorney to come up with a solution that conformed to current Iowa State code and did not require us to freeze the salaries of the other five elected officials and their deputies”, said Supervisors Chairwoman Linda Langston in a news release. “This action only allows us to reduce our salaries without penalizing the other elected officials.”

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