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The second-day story, with your help. Call Gazette reporter Adam Belz at (319) 398-8273 or e-mail him:

Mark March 10 on your calendar if you care about county salaries.

That’s the day Lu Barron said she and the other supervisors will take action to “address this issue (their salaries, that is) more concretely.” She wouldn’t say on the record what they will do, but hinted that “…it’s going to cost us a lot of money.”

So to some degree, the writing’s on the wall. Dogged by the issue of their salaries since Jan. 8’s Compensation Board meeting, and with an election coming up in November, supervisors are getting tired of arguing about how much they get paid.

At Wednesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Barron said the issue was “crystallized” for her by Ron Stodola, who lives southeast of Marion.

In public comment time, he walked to the podium to speak on something he says he and his friends are unanimous about.

“When I voted for five supervisors… I somehow assumed your efforts would be distributed within five people,” he said.

Most public comment periods at supervisor meetings pass without comment.

Stodola said he is not partisan, and wants to see people compensated “appropriately.”

He pointed to liaison appointments as an example of where supervisor duties can be spread out among the five who take office in January, and took issue with the argument that the job responsibilities will not lessen when the board expands.

“If you’re not going to give up any responsibilities, that’s going to be a problem,” he said.

Then he said the supervisors had better cut their own pay, or promise they will, as soon as possible.

“If you don’t, I think we’re going to look for five new supervisors,” he said.

The supervisors thanked Stodola for his comments, and shortly after, the meeting was adjourned. He stayed after the meeting to chat. This reporter did not.

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